RV FlexArmor®

EliteRV is an Authorized Applicator of RV FlexArmor®

RV FlexArmor® is a unique specially formulated pure polyurea sprayed on RV roof system that eliminates caulk. Your Recreational Vehicle roof is sealed in one piece. At 3/16 inch thick, RV Flexarmor® has a lifetime guarantee against damage and leaking.

RV FlexArmor® is unlike any other RV roof in the industry.

This is a specially formulated sprayed application. The roof is a combination of formula, processes and experience. Unlike most common aftermarket RV roofs that can be done in your driveway or campground, RV FlexArmor® is a truly seamless new roof for your RV that has a proven record of success. Since RV FlexArmor(R) is a roof replacement, not a protective coating, it is also covered by insurance when you need a roof replaced.

RV FlexArmor® is a chemical that is dry to the touch in 6 seconds.

This fast gel time allows us to apply a high build roof. The typical roof is 3/16 inch (187 mils) thick. This quick set time allows us to start and stop your roof anywhere we need to. We can make sure it is the same thickness no matter if the surface is vertical or horizontal. One example is if you have cracks in a front end cap, we can extend the roof to cover those areas. The roof is also extremely flexible with over 600% elongation. The roof keeps this trait even in extreme cold. Since the new roof is so flexible it moves with your RV and also is not effected by expansion and contraction related to weather changes.

RV FlexArmor® is a pure polyurea designed for RVs.

Unlike other industrial spray polyureas which are typically hybrids, RV FlexArmor® has an extremely slow deterioration rate. With its topcoat, the roof is never aging from the UV. Many hybrid polyureas begin to show signs of UV deterioration in 5 years or less. RV FlexArmor® is also a part of a unique process. It is able to bond to plastic, fiberglass, rubber, bare wood, any surface you would find on an RV. Hybrids designed for things such as metal roofs or truck beds do not have this ability.

Since we have created a unique process that creates a waterproof roofing system, we offer a no leak guarantee. Most roofs only guarantee the material. Always ask for a written warranty to make sure the warranty covers leaks. Any company should gladly provide you with a copy of their warranty.

In the RV industry, roofs are a big problem.

There are many different substances used to make RV roofs. The most common is EPDM or rubber. Other types are TPO, fiberglass, filon, aluminum and pvc. All the different types of RV roofs have pros and cons but the one thing they all have in common is all roof protrusions have caulking around them. Most leaks occur around a caulking joint.

RV FlexArmor® removes all the caulking joints.

No joints, no leaks. The other common weakness of RV roofs that RV FlexArmor® takes care of is punctures. The roof has over 3500 psi tear strength. This means the roof is so tough that common hazards such as tree branches and hail do not damage the roof. It is also 100% repairable. If you added a roof component, just that area can be sprayed and reapplied. You never need a whole new roof again.