EliteRV is a proud applicator of RV Roof FlexArmor®. The leader in aftermarket RV roofs for over a decade, RV FlexArmor® is the pioneer in sprayed RV roof technology that provides the ultimate lifetime RV roof solution no matter what your situation.

RV FlexArmor® has been proven in the industry since 2005 and demand for this alternative sprayed roof system is growing everyday as owners become educated on this alternative to the OEM roof. RV FlexArmor® was specifically designed for RV roofs. It is the only RV exclusive pure polyurea sprayed RV roof system in the RV industry.

An RV FlexArmor® system removes all the caulking and sealants that require repetitive replacement, providing a seamless, monolithic roof that is guaranteed not to leak for the lifetime of the RV.

Unlike traditional OEM RV roofs or the assorted RV roof coatings that can be applied with rollers from a bucket, RV FlexArmor® is roof replacement sprayed system that gives RV owners the ultimate choice when it comes to protecting their RV investment.

RV FlexArmor® is 3/16 inch or 187 mils thick with +3500 psi tear strength and over +600% elongation, it retains these qualities in all temperatures and conditions. This flexibility ensures it twists with the RV without cracking. The extremely high tear strength ensures that the roof will not puncture if it comes in contact with a tree branch or other hazard.

Since RV FlexArmor® is a roof replacement, not a protective coating, it is also covered by insurance when you need a roof replaced.

All work is performed inside to protect your RV.